Our staff

Love Kingston is a project of charity, Kingston Voluntary Action. Love Kingston has one dedicated staff member, Tessa Kind, but is also supported by several members of the Kingston Voluntary Action team.

Tessa Kind
Community Fundraising Manager, Love Kingston

Tessa has strong experience in marketing. A long term Kingston resident, Tessa is a well known face in many Kingston charities and community groups, including a former trustee of Kingston Voluntary Action. Tessa leads Love Kingston community fundraising, working with individuals and groups such as schools, community groups and local arts companies to raise money and ensure that Love Kingston is known throughout the borough.

If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved in Love Kingston, contact Tessa on tessakind@kva.org.uk

Patricia Turner
CEO, Kingston Voluntary Action

Patricia is KVA's Chief Executive Officer and responsible for KVA and its project’s Kingston Eco-op, Superhighways and Love Kingston. Patricia Turney supports Love Kingston with strategic guidance.

Our support

We are delighted that The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Cllr Julie Pickering, has chosen to support Love Kingston in her mayoral year 2017-2018. 

As well as invaluable advice spanning from experience in the private, public and charity sector, the Mayor is providing direct fundraising support with a high profile dinner planned in February.

More information about this will be coming soon.

 Mayor Councillor Julie Pickering at her inauguration



Our patrons

Our Patrons are figureheads in the community. They help us build our profile and identify opportunities for Love Kingston. As well as providing a well known face for the Love Kingston project.

Currently our patrons are: 


Edward Bentall

Patron Edward Bentall

Philanthropy is nothing new to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. So it comes as a surprise to me that Kingston is one of only two boroughs in London that do not have parochial trusts to support charitable activity.

With the support of local businesses and residents I believe we can develop the Kingston Legacy Fund, a permanent fund whose income local groups in the Royal Borough will have the opportunity of benefitting from. I am honoured to be one of Love Kingston's Founding Patrons and I am pleased that the Bentall Family have agreed to contribute financially to this unique campaign.

Paul Cox

Patron Paul Cox

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames has always been very kind to me and I feel is important to help and support the neighbourhood that has treated me so well.

I was born in Kingston, and years later returned to set up my own business which became successful over 30 years. I became part of the business establishment and was involved in the community through groups such as the Rotary Club. 

Love Kingston campaign is an efficient and effective fundraising model that deserves the support from everyone who lives and works in RBK.

Shira Mirza

Patron Shiraz Mirza

For the Borough of Kingston this is an exciting venture responding to the needs of the community, the outreach work resulting from this project will I’m sure ultimately transform the face of Kingston. 

Kingston has a unique personality and distinctive identity stretching back many centuries. It is an honour to be a Founding Patron of the Love Kingston campaign and I wish it and all affiliated with this charity insurmountable success.

Sir Ed Davey

Patron Sir Ed Davey

I'm delighted to support Love Kingston and am honoured to be asked to become a patron.

Anyone who wants to help make our community fairer and stronger should get involved.



Our ambassadors

Ambassadors are the day to day faces of Love Kingston. They are out and about in the community representing Love Kingston and encouraging more local people to get involved. This might include attending an event and speaking about the work of Love Kingston, or joining us on a market stall to hand out flyers and chat to people about how they can get involved.

Our ambassadors are passionate Kingston supporters and want to work with Love Kingston to improve the borough.

Currently our ambassadors are:

  • Graphic Designer - Roya G
  • Local Magazine Owner - John Gower
  • Business director - Katerina Damcova
  • Business director - Linda Richards
  • Graphic designer - Karen Powell
  • Video Producer - Mike Daly
  • Resident - Gloria McDermott
  • Councillor - Andrea Craig
  • Resident – Marina Payen
  • Magazine editor - James Giles
  • Founder Arts Facility – Janie Harland
  • Teacher – Jessica Oxford
  • Retired Teacher – Ken Edwards


I believe that charity begins at home and wanted to do something to give back to my local community, so I decided to become an Ambassador for Love Kingston.  Using my design and photography skills, I help to organise and promote fundraising events.  

In Spring 2017 I spotted a synergy between Love Kingston and Kingston Pound, who are one of my clients, so I gently persuaded them to partner up and now 1% of every Kingston Pound transaction goes towards this worthy cause.  

Through Love Kingston I have met so many lovely people in our borough who are passionate about helping others less fortunate than themselves, and I feel very proud to be involved with this charity.

Karen Powell


Our volunteers

Anyone and everyone can be a Love Kingston volunteer.

Volunteers help design our newsletters, shake buckets, put on events and generally help out in every aspect of the day to day running and promotion of Love Kingston.


Want to volunteer for Love Kingston?