Model of giving


Love Kingston was established in 2012 and is part of a wider giving movement. Its vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives and service areas of need in Kingston upon Thames through inspiring a culture of local giving and philanthropy, delivered through giving grants to local charities and voluntary groups.

To deliver this vision it concentrates on 4 key areas:

The need - identifying and understanding where need exists locally.

Grant making - the needs are addressed by giving grants, to strengthen local charities and communities, and make a real difference to the lives of local people. 

Donations - connecting with donors to give at local events and through sponsorship of personal challenges.

Philanthropy - encouraging local philanthropy by building sustainable funds to increase the resources available to give to charities, and to community and voluntary groups with charitable purposes, in the Royal Borough of Kingston. To discuss how you can donate, please conact Miranda Jaggers, Director of Love Kingston.  


What is a endowment fund?

Many boroughs in London have a large endowment fund, made up of money or assets donated in the past by wealthy individuals, families or businesses. Grants are given from the income made on the investment, rather the using up the capital sum.

In Kingston we do not have an existing fund of this type, so Love Kingston began to build one. The money we are given is invested in an endowment fund, held by the London Community Foundation and invested for them by CCLA.*


How are donations used?

The money donated to Love Kingston, and the GiftAid claimed, is:

  • Invested in the endowment fund, held by the London Community Foundation.
  • Given as grants to local charities.

Since 2012, this fund has successfully demonstrated its purpose of improving the lives of local people, by enabling Love Kingston to provide grants of £92,000 to charities and community groups and increasing the endowment fund to £126,600.

A small proportion of the remaining funds raised go towards general running costs (e.g. rent and IT costs). Financial contributions from the Royal Borough of Kingston and the City Bridge Trust are ring-fenced for staff salaries.


*CCLA one of the UK's largest charity fund managers. Their clients include charities, religious organisations and the public sector. CCLA is based in the City of London, with an office in Edinburgh and are largely owned by their clients' funds.