Model of giving: how it works


Love Kingston give grants yearly to local charities to help them continue their vital services which make Kingston a great place to live, work, study and visit.

To ensure that we can continue this in the future, Love Kingston is building up a legacy fund, which can be used to give grants on an ongoing basis.


What is a legacy fund?

Many boroughs in London have a large fund of money or assets donated by wealthy individuals, families or businesses in the past, that they use to give out grants to local people and charities. Yearly grants often come from interest, or investment of that money, rather the using up the capital sum.

For example Richmon Parish Lands Charity, a charity which gives grants to people and organisations in Richmond, was started by a gift of land from King George III and Queen Charlotte in 1786.

In Kingston we do not have an existing fund of this type, so we began to build one.


How are my donations spent?

All money donated to Love Kingston, and any gift aid gathered, is used in the following ways:

  • 60% going into the legacy fund where we are trying to raise a large capital sum to be used for future giving
  • 40% going directly into grants to be given out to local charities around Love Kingston day on February 14th*

*Love Kingston takes 4% of money donated to help with running costs.