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Exciting launch of new independent charity for Kingston

After a long arduous journey of many admin hours, meetings, phone calls, and report writing we can officially announce

"Love Kingston, formerly part of Kingston Voluntary Action, recently achieved independent charitable status, and the Kingston Charitable Foundation was established in February 2021"

This February we let the Kingston Charitable Foundation URL go live and we have invited our friends and colleagues to bid us farewell from our home at Kingston Voluntary action and wish us well on our way, as a new independent charity as part of the Kingston Charitable Foundation.  

I can hear you ask, what does this mean for Love Kingston?

Love Kingston is the community engagement and development part of The Kingston Charitable Foundation. Together we will continue to raise funds to give grants to local charities and community organisations just as we have been doing since 2012. We will continue to build upon an endowment fund of over £115,000 to give grants in perpetuity and carry on with building stronger communities where everyone’s needs are met.


We are excited to announce that this September Love Kingston will host a Regency themed evening of entertainment, music, dancing, costumes, bar & food in the beautiful setting of All Saints Church Kingston. For more details about the incredible entertainment planned please go to

We had a ball during Februrary half term,

We have felt deeply moved and inspired by the way our community has stepped up to this crisis.