It was fantastic to see so many people arriving in the bright morning sun on Sunday to run in the Kingston Half Marathon.

Love Kingston's Tessa Kind with Tessa with Ahmadiyya Elders helping out as StewardsThe Ahmadiyya Elders volunteered to help steward on behalf of Love Kingston and Community Fundraiser Tessa joined in with handing out medals and keeping the goody bag items stocked. Organisers Quick Silver Running are no strangers to these events, having organised them many for years now - their efficiency and professionalism is to behold!

Amin and Ped with their medalsThe stars of the show for us are of course our runners, Ped, Karl, Kelly and Amin. All completed in very good times. Amin came in 50th place out of 1200 participants with an astonishingly quick time of 1hr 25, having never run in an event before - definitely one to watch...

We're still tallying the funds raised, but it's currently over £550 thanks to Ped and Karl at the Willow. Another amazing achievement. Thank you all soooooo much to those who have donated, this all helps alleviate isolation and need in the borough.

Should you wish to donate to our runners pages pleae do so and leave a message, they'd love to hear from you!
Ped and Karl:

Amin & Kelly:

Until the Spring Beakfast Run, Keep on running...