Turn up the love - Winter fuel campaign



Spare. Share. Care.

People over the age of 65 are eligible to receive a Winter Fuel Payment to help with their winter fuel bills. We know some people rely on the payment of up to £300 to heat their homes, while others  need less support.

If you receive the Winter Fuel Payment but feel you don’t need it, you could help local people in the Borough  by donating all or some of your payment to Love Kingston.

To find out more about Winter Fuel Payments please click here


 Please only donate what you can afford.

 Kingston Council offers free home visits to residents aged 65 or
 over to make sure their home is a warm and healthy place to live.

 For more information visit www.kingston.gov.uk
 Call: 0800 118 2327 Text: 07928 394 482
 Email: enquiries@thinkingworks.co.uk


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