Express CIC

Express is a 'not for profit' community organisation supporting young people with autism and their families.


Annette Williams and Tracey Gaggiotti, Founders, Express CIC said:


At express we are aware of how isolating a diagnosis of autism in the family can be. This can be for the young person themselves as well as the wider family. Many families can be reluctant to face social environments where it is simply too much for their child or young person. We provide services locally and within the community environment to provide families with a more positive experience, to reduce isolation and to strengthen their support networks.

Express provides therapy groups for young people on the autism spectrum and their siblings. We also offer a range of parent support groups, one to one support and we run regular events to raise autism awareness and understanding in the wider community. We want our young people to be part of, understood by and appreciated by their local community.

To be chosen as a Love Kingston featured community project for 2017 is absolutely amazing. The funding will help us to continue our work and reach more families.


Quote from a client:


My six year old autistic son attends Dramatherapy group at Express. This has made a real difference to him. He finds it hard to communicate his needs and the group has given him a chance to explore ways to express himself. I attend an Express support group for parents and this has been very supportive and informative. I really need it. It helps me feel less isolated and I know that I am with people who understand and really want to help.