Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness

KCAH supports primarily single people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or who are experiencing serious problems with private landlords.


What they use the grant for:

KCAH used the Love Kingston grant to part-fund the position of an Outreach Worker who has been working on a tenancy sustainment programme, helping clients stay in their homes.  The grant also funded the Cook & Eat Programme at the Job Club Giving advice on health eating.


Quote from an attendee at the Job Club:


Without the help of KCAH, I would have not have had so much access to a phone and also free internet access to apply for jobs online. They also helped me to update my CV and were incredibly supportive. I could not afford a mobile phone for potential employers to contact me so KCAH gave me a pay-as-you-go. One time, they helped me with my travel fare to get to a job interview. I am now in full-time employment.