Kingston Savers (now Boom Credit Union)

Boom Credit Union works in West Sussex, Kingston and Surrey. We help local people access fair and affordable loans, savings accounts and prepaid cards. Even if you have a bad credit history or low income, you could be eligible for a Boom! loan to help you pay for emergencies or things that are important to you.


What they use the grant for:

Kingston Savers have used their grant to focus on Norbiton – one of the more deprived areas in the Borough. Officer time is spent on generating and presenting a full training package and supporting volunteers running SurreySave’s second outreach on the Cambridge Estate together with local charity, One Norbiton.


Quotes from customers:


I needed a Loan to Consolidate my Credit Card debts. I applied on-line – the response was fast and efficient and I drew the Loan within 1 week. It has saved me a considerable amount of money each month.


So straightforward – I applied by internet and we spoke on the phone - 50/50 each method. I provided what was needed and it was a really easy exercise.