Refugee Action Kingston

Refugee Action Kingston (RAK) work to support, advise and empower refugees and asylum seekers towards building fulfilled and independent lives, through skills development, advice, counselling, and assistance in access to services and employment.


Sanja Djeric Kane, Director, Refugee Action Kingston (2013-17):

Refugees and asylum seekers are amongst the most socially and economically marginalised groups in any society. Refugee Action Kingston (RAK) works with refugees and asylum seekers from 36 different countries. Our knowledge and expertise of the specific barriers our client group face allows us to pre-empt issues thereby having a strong preventative approach to our work. The interconnected nature of the issues means that matters can often rapidly escalate if not responded to effectively having a significant negative impact on the daily lives of our clients.

Love Kingston Fund will help us with building RAK’s core funding. This is something that is becoming increasingly challenging for voluntary and community organisations in these times when core costs are on the increase and the competition for regular sources of funding is growing. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as a community project for 2017. There is nothing more worthwhile than being recognised and appreciated by your local community.


Quote from Mr Armush, Syrian client, 19 October 2016, a father of 7


The RAK was able to make my dream come true, the dream of uniting me with my wife and children all the way from Syria.

At the incredibly short notice, RAK was able to provide our family with a suitable accommodation, help us filling all the necessary required documentation and last, but not least, help us with registering our children with a nearby school.