Love Kingston aims to reduce poverty and inequality in the Borough of Kingston by raising funds to give grants to local charities. 



What does Love Kingston do?

Love Kingston raises funds to give grants to local charities and community organisations. Although Kingston may appear to be a wealthy area, the Borough has pockets of great need.  The money raised helps charities and community organisations deliver vital services and develop new projects. Love Kingston is also building an endowment fund to give grants on an ongoing basis. Fundraising takes place in multiple ways, from community and sponsorship events, to working with philanthropists and corporate organisations.


Kingston Covid-19 Crisis Response

Covid-19 is causing great hardship, isolation and grief in our community and Love Kingston, a project of Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA), is best placed to help people most in need.  

Love Kingston (with support from KVA and the Royal Borough of Kingston) co-ordinated a crisis appeal and continues to raise funds to donate and help vulnerable people in our community. This is a secure and trusted way to make donations and support people where it is most needed in the borough.

Your donation can make a real difference by providing grants to local charities and small voluntary organisations, both now and in the months to come.

Love Kingston will direct the funds raised to local charities and voluntary organisations that support the most vulnerable in our community; ensuring that people receive food and essential supplies, and organisations can continue to provide ongoing support to individuals and families disproportionately affected by Covid-19.   

You can help by making a donation now to our official local giving page 


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Love Kingston has signed up to the 'We Stand With The Sector' commitment to show solidarity with civil society groups supporting communities affected by Covid-19. We are one of 300 other funders now listed on the dedicated website:


Love Kingston Grants

The second round of Covid-19 Appeal Grant applications are currently being assessed and will be awarded in August. This Grant round is for £500-£2000 grants to support local charities and community groups working with residents struggling with the affects of the Covid-19 crisis. 


Grant Applications now closed


Our impact

What do our grants achieve?

We recently asked the charities that received a grant for feedback:

CrEST: The grant provided hot food and social assistance once a week to homeless and vulnerable people in Kingston, many with physical and mental health problems. “We did not anticipate quite so much need! Attendees rose from an average of 16 in January 2018 to 65 in February 2019.

Man&Boy: We were able to run to relationship building courses for local families. One of the dads said “I trust my son’s abilities more.”

The CornerHOUSE Community Arts centre was able to “provide bursaries for children to take part in our drama classes; a film night for refugees; a project for people with dementia and put on our annual pantomime. The funding has been really useful because it has enabled us to do things more quickly.” 


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