Kingston Charitable Foundation

A message from CEO, Hicky Kingsbury


"I was delighted to be asked to lead our organisation at this time of great change, having worked with Love Kingston previously.  

We are excited to be launching Kingston Charitable Foundation this weekend; join us in our celebrations at a host of wonderful online events 14-20 February.  

The team and I are looking forward to the future, where we will ensure the generosity of donors reaches those in need swiftly, through our soon to be announced 2021 Small Grants Programme.  

Join us in our vision to build stronger communities where everyone’s needs are met"



Our new foundation for Kingston


Love Kingston, formerly part of Kingston Voluntary Action, recently achieved independent charitable status, and the Kingston Charitable Foundation was established in February 2021.

Kingston Charitable Foundation will continue to build on the excellent reputation and heritage of Love Kingston. Love Kingston is the community engagement and development area of the new Kingston Charitable Foundation, which will continue to grow the charitable fund, in-order to provide grants to charities, both now and into the distant future. 


Our Vision

  • Build stronger communities where everyone’s needs are met


  • Identify where social needs exist in our area through commissioning, publishing and utilizing the best research available 

  • Provide funds to local support groups that have the expertise to alleviate need, enrich people’s lives and improve their life chances  

  • Inspire and engage with local donors to help build sustainable long-term funds to support our vision 

  • Build sustainable funds to increase the level of immediate and long-term resources available to organisations with charitable purposes across the borough of Kingston upon Thames


Please see our events page or contact our Community Engagement and Development Manager Danielle O'Shaughnessy if you would like further information.


Making a difference 


We recently asked the charities that received a grant for feedback:


Growbaby: Our grant provided gave staff at the centre the IT equipment needed to adapt and provide Covid safe services to families with small children and babies in need of 

vital support

"The level of need is incredible, and these are families who we have never seen before and would not normally need our service" "So a massive thank you. It has literally changed our working lives for the better"

Noni, Growbaby Staff Team member, 2019


Voices of Hope: We helped the crisis response to the first lockdown by funding projects that provided food for those shielding, the homeless and families on the poverty line. 

"I spoke to a lady who cried with relief when she knew meals were coming tonight.' I cannot stress how much these meals are needed and you have helped make this work possible”

Sarah, Voices of Hope Director, 2019


Anstee Bridge: We funded a project to support young people aged 14-16 facing emotional challenges that cause them to struggle and disengage from education.

"Without the Love Kingston grant, we couldn't do as much as we have done. It goes a long way and has helped us reach loads of kids struggling in school as well as provide something lovely for the community to enjoy"

Katherine, Director Anstee Bridge, 2019


Millaap  Multicultural Centre: Are working with the elderly and isolated members of the community

"Our users are aged 60- 90+ years, they have been using the devices we gave, it's helped them connect with their families abroad and with the younger generations. They are taking part in many activities now; they're talking with each other in a way they didn't before. It's inspiring to see"

Sheetal, Director, Millaap Multiculteural Centre, 2019


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