Love Kingston is a Community Foundation that aims to reduce poverty and inequality in the borough of Kingston by raising funds to give grants to local charities. 

Love Kingston encourages donations and local giving. We are building a foundation fund (managed by the London Community Foundation); and we run and take part in a variety of local fundraising events that encourage greater community connectivity.


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How we can help our residents


Too many residents in our rapidly growing, ageing and diversifying borough are isolated. Losing loved ones, frailty, language barriers and mental ill-health are just some of the challenges local people face. 

NHS Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group and Kingston Council produced a report about the need locally - to find out more follow this link to the Kingston Story 2018

Love Kingston's grants help support local charities and people.  With your help we can make Kingston a positive place to live, work, study and visit. 


Find out how we're creating change

 Euponix community choir at the Rose Theatre being conducted from the piano.


Our impact

What do our grants achieve?

We recently asked the charities that received a grant for feedback:

CrEST: The grant provided hot food and social assistance once a week to homeless and vulnerable people in Kingston, many with physical and mental health problems. “We did not anticipate quite so much need! Attendees rose from an average of 16 in January 2018 to 65 in February 2019.

Man&Boy: We were able to run to relationship building courses for local families. One of the dads said “I trust my son’s abilities more.”

The CornerHOUSE Community Arts centre was able to “provide bursaries for children to take part in our drama classes; a film night for refugees; a project for people with dementia and put on our annual pantomime. The funding has been really useful because it has enabled us to do things more quickly.” 


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